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Bioble invites all organic skincare manufacturers to become a part of our growing family!

We now accept brand applications from organic skincare companies that are based in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region; Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.


Bioble's goal is to

1) Save the Baltic Sea by donating to conservation and research
2) Bring all organic skincare manufacturers from the Baltic Sea countries onto one website, connecting them directly with customers.

Bioble offers a safe environment to shop at with green values; the company was founded by two marine biologists who assess every product before they are accepted to be sold on our website.

We would love to live in a world where

1) all skincare products were toxin-free and safe to use
2) products were made out of sustainable, local ingredients
3) product waste and carbon footprint was minimised
4) all people involved with bringing the product to life were treated with respect and paid appropriately.

Are these points close to your company's heart? Read on!



No certificates? No problem.

Bioble was created in order to make shopping for organic skincare products easier, not to make customers even more confused.

Here at Bioble, we solved the need for certificates by having all products touroughly assessed by biologists. Customers can count on us to provide cruelty free organic products. If your products are vegan, this will be separately highlighted.

Even though certificates are not necessary, we require the products to be

1) Cruelty Free
2) Organic
3) Partially or fully made out of local ingredients
4) Partially or fully manufactured in Baltic Sea countries
5) Manufactured with green and fair values.


Bioble operates via dropshipping, where orders are delivered to customers directly by the manufacturer. We take a cut form each transaction, and in turn provide a safe marketplace, professional product photos with a possibility of videos, steady flow of customers, social media visibility, and handle customer service.

In the future, we plan to expand our services provided to companies that are onboard Bioble. We would like to create a network of industry professionals where organic cosmetics companies are brought together, sharing information and organising events.

Ready to join #Biolution?

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