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Senja Cosmetics - Natural skincare from Finnish herbs and berries

The founder of Senja Cosmetics, Senja Parkkinen’s goal was to create an organic skincare line where products are made out of 100% natural, preferably Finnish ingredients. Her strict requirements turned out to be challenging while developing the products, but were eventually overcome when Senja Cosmetics fist saw daylight in the winter of 2018. “Finnish nature provides fantastic raw materials that, in our opinion, are not yet fully utilised in skincare”, Senja says. She is glad that her Finland-based products have been met with great excitement. “The Nordic Nectar toner is definitely our most popular product!”  Senja Cosmetics founder Senja Parkkinen Senja Parkkinen used to work at a global cosmetics company and consequently fell in love with the industry. However, during that...

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SnowAnna - Organic Cosmetics from Finnish Nature

Annika Hampaala-Pussinen, the founder of SnowAnna, launched her skincare line inspired by Finnish nature a few years ago. She is a professional skincare specialist and runs her own beauty salon in Helsinki, called Lumianna (SnowAnna in English).  “Enjoy the Power of Finnish Nature, also on your Skin!” -SnowAnna SnowAnna has products for all different skin types from oily and combination to sensitive and atopic skin. Active ingredients include Nordic-grown berries (e.g. cloudberry, blueberry, raspberry) and plants and herbs (birch sap, common yarrow, common horsetail). In Finland, winter is always coming, and what’s particular about Finnish plants and berries is that they have to pump themselves up with a high amount of nutrients during an extremely short summer in order to...

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