Bioble is an online store for organic beauty products manufactured in Northern Europe and Baltic Sea region.

We operate via dropshipping, connecting manufacturers with customers directly. Our mission is to provide a risk-free online marketplace for organic skincare manufacturers operating around the Baltic Sea, enabling customers to discover a variety of small organic skincare brands from this region.

Brands and products are selected by scientists (founders, biologists Eeva Hammar and Saana Railo) and a cut of profits will be donated to Baltic Sea conservation and research foundations.

Brand applications are open now! Click here for more info.

Eeva Hammar
Eeva Hammar, CO-Founder
MSc Marine Ecology, University of Helsinki
BSc Biology, University of Jyväskylä
Documentation of unknown Baltic Sea fish species
Saana Railo
Saana Railo, CO-Founder
MSc Marine Biology, University of Helsinki
BSc Biology, University of London
Marine microplastic pollution research