Summer Set! Keep On Shining Beautiful
Summer Set! Keep On Shining Beautiful
Summer Set! Keep On Shining Beautiful
Summer Set! Keep On Shining Beautiful

Choice Finland

Summer Set! Keep On Shining Beautiful

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Keep on shining beautiful set by Choice Finland.

Set includes: CHOICE Finland cleansing gel (Norm. 20€), DUO peeling mask (30€) and rose facial toner (28€).

With this summer set, you clean the summer skin perfectly. The cleansing gel cleans  gently without sulphate or soap. The DUO exfoliating mask exfoliates and brightens the skin and moisturizes the 20m mask. The luxurious rose face water for finishing and refreshing facial cleansing.



Gently cleanses the skin without soap or sulphates. Also removes makeup. Scentless. This super-popular cleansing gel contains herbal, natural cosmetics-approved detergents that do not dry the skin at all. Washing ingredients are betaine from Finnish sugar beet and wonderful, gentle coconut sugar.

Use: Massage with wet hands on face and neck, rinse with water and dr




Gently moisturizing mask and gentle enzymatic peeling in one. Peeling is based on AHA acids in plant extracts, vegetable oils bring therapeutic efficacy. A wonderful Finnish blueberry extract as a moisturizing and treating agent. Sugar cane, lemon, orange and sugar foam extracts, contain AHA acids that gently peel the skin without peeling granules.

Use: Rub a small drop once a week on your face and neck. Effect time 20 min with quiet mind. Moisturizes, lightens and removes dead skin cells.






Exfoliating, skin balancing and moisturizing facial lotion. Finishes facial cleansing and refreshes. Gentle rose water and Finnish betaine soothe and moisturize the skin. Tocopherol is a wonderful skin soothing and protective vitamin E.

Use: Spray on face, neck and décolleté, wipe face with Cotton.


Made in Finland